Our Team

Diabetes is a condition where the body is unable to regulate a normal level of sugar in the blood because of an imbalance in the secretion, production of or use of the hormone that regulates blood sugars known as insulin.

Our Expertise

A person with diabetes is unable to maintain (regulate) a normal level of sugar in the blood.  This is because of imbalance in the secretion of insulin, the main hormone regulating blood sugar levels, either not being produced sufficiently or

Research at KingsDFC

We are involved with clinical as well as basic science research, in particular, in the field of Charcot Neuroarthropathy. Within the unit, there is a wide range of research interest, such as early small fibre neuropathy, ulcer healing, Charcot bone biology, assessments

Joint KingsDFC and A-DFS Charcot Reconstructive Symposium

28 and 29 June, 2018 London,UK

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