We are involved with clinical as well as basic science research, in particular, in the field of Charcot Neuroarthropathy. Within the unit, there is a wide range of research interest, such as early small fibre neuropathy, ulcer healing, Charcot bone biology, assessments of vascular status in diabetes, vascular interventional techniques, orthopaedic techniques including reconstruction, casting therapies in foot disease and microbiology of diabetic foot ulceration, amongst others.

Our work is regularly presented at key diabetic foot congresses, such as the annual Diabetic Foot Study Group meetings, Diabetes UK, American Diabetes Association Scientific sessions as well as a number of other meetings. Our work is regularly published in leading scientific journals.

Further updates to follow. We are in the process of designing this website, please bear with us. If you are interested in conducting research in collaboration with us, please contact us on 0203 299 3704